Batmobile Stolen From Batman v. Superman Set?

batmobileWell, that is the rumor coming from BleedingCool.Com. According to their unnamed sources the recently fully revealed Batmobile from Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has gone missing from the Detroit set (well one of a few that are being used in the film that is,) and is believed stolen.

While no official confirmation has come from Warner Bros. (and is that really the kind of thing you’d admit to when you’re trying to keep the production ultra secret?) sources close to RadioBastard have revealed what is reportedly footage of the main suspect.

Small unrelated programming note: Due to unforeseen (non-Grand-Theft-Batmobile) circumstances we’re going to have to scrap this weeks episode. We will get and new show out ASAP.


We’re not cruising around Detroit in a stolen Batmobile.


Posted on by September 12, 2014
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