Batmobile Officially Revealed by Zack Snyder

Batman-16While the first two full (and un-official) glimpses of the new Batmobile weren’t bad to look at, they’ve got nothing on the glorious symphony of pixels that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder unleashed on the twitter. 

Snapped by Clay Enos with a Nikon D800 (some of you care about these things), Ben Affleck’s new car certainly beats the hell out of the 1971 Chevy Nova that he tooled around with when he was Jason Bourne’s chauffeur in Good Will Hunting.

Look at this bad boy.

It looks like an amalgamation of the rugged and blocky Chris Nolan era Tumbler (as opposed to Chris Nolan’s Tumblr, which is gentle and surprisingly filled with cat pictures) and the sleek Burton era Batmobile. I am very happy with this.

I know that some may complain about this Batmobile just as they did with the costume and the selection of Ben Affleck as Batman, but at this point, my only complaint is that we have to sit through all of this Superman nonsense before we get to see Batman in all his glory. Goodness I hope DC rushes a new Batman movie into existence. Batman movies should be like Christmas, occurring annually and accompanied by strange sweaters and a nicely spiced ham.

Source: Twitter