And The Revenge Of The Fart Lords Of The Sith


Welcome back to the podcast of fun, this time on the show your life model decoy hosts, Jeremy and Jason, have brewed a cup of nerdy pop-culture talky news things and awkward moments. Do you like Star Wars, beard chat, Doctor Who, and scandalous sexy sex sex on the television set? Wow! Then do we have a show for you, clown shoes!

On the unnamed super terrific hour this week:

  • We land on the ridiculousness of societies Kim Kardashian tush worship like some guy landed some stuff on a comet… we’re a little hazy on the deets, we were focused on stuff other than Kim K’s butt. Honest.
  • Worried you won’t get to see the (rumored) Star Wars teaser trailer? Worry no more, we preform it for you and save you the 12 bucks you’d have to spend on a ticket to Into The Woods to see it. You’re welcome.
  • The new Fantastic Four film gets radical with noted Angelfire mod Dr. Doom
  • Doctor Who chit chat
  • Jeremy and Jason pitch the Arnold Schwarzenegger Farewell Tour playlist
  • The bastard offspring of Doritos and Mountain Dew and berry topped burgers on #TacoTalk
  • How many times does one need to stare into the gapin vaccum of Chris Nolan‘s Interstellar story holes?
  • Butt love with Marilyn Manson and the most controversial sex scene in the history of basic cable.
  • MyFace LIVES!


All that and more on yo Mama on the RadioBastard Podcast!