Dawns a Justice Teaser and Calls Out For More #DongsAcrossWesteros


This time on The Mucho Mucho Robusto Fuego Hour, the squat one and the one who is too big to squat get political by aligning with America’s hot sister Anna Kendrick for her Game of Thrones dong campaign #DongsAcrossWesteros #FreeTheDragonFromTheCatacombs. Also, Jeremy and Jason battle over the worth of seeing the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer in IMAX with some helpful tips for those of you who are without a nearby theater, talking tiger sidekicks become a thing thanks to the Wonder Woman directorial shift, and more!

The More:

  • We know two things: If RIPD’s box office didn’t take Ryan Reynolds down, a Pontiax Aztek to the ribs sure as hell wont. And Ryan Reynolds is unkillable. Apparently he left the Highlander remake because the story hit too close to home.
  • The reviews are in and Jeremy and Jason (aka “Joaquin”) have nothing but praise for The New Adventures Of Blind Lawyer Karate Master (Or Daredevil, if you prefer its pedestrian US title.)
  • Gentrification is coming to Sesame Street, yo. Make way for the #HipsterMuppets
  • Good news, Tapeheads! Sit down, shut the f*ck up, and wait your turn Laser Disc Lame-Os.
  • Too Catch A Predator reboot is being crowdsourced and NOBODY seems to want the set visit reward.
  • Someone is about to inherit Tim Curry’s stockings for Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot. Might want to wash them first.
  • The producers of Constantine got to attend their own funeral on social media thanks to the “Dewey Beats Truman” of the nerd world.
  • We imagine a world where Alan Arkin is the big bad in Ant-Man and discuss the latest Marvel news regarding a Hulk standalone, and Superfluous Spider-Man.
  • The REAL secret behind the Dennis Quaid freakout.
  • And on #TacoTalk: Gwyneth Paltrow‘s attempt to wow the hoi polloi with her lime feast isn’t working, Taco Bell receipts will get you free McDonalds, and our seagulls are getting too fat because Gwyneth isn’t also trying to save them.


All that and more on The RadioBastard Podcast: Number two in pants and entertainment.

Returns with A House Full of Taco Pinatas and Unicorn Sky Kittens for All


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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

With the passing of a legend, Jeremy and Jason are joined by Chris Cummins and Matthew Jackson to talk about Leonard Nimoy‘s rich and diverse career and the value of Star Trek and Nimoy’s role in the establishment of that franchise.

If you’re feeling it too and want to reminisce about the Sasquatch episode of In Search Of or the Journey to Babel episode of Star Trek, then we can maybe help you out a little bit while helping ourselves out in the process, cause man… Leonard Nimoy, what a loss.

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